Military and seniors SAVE 10%! The time is right to extend your floorplan or create a rental unit.
Average savings: $2,000 to $5,000. Call (703) 684-0860 to SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULT with our basement experts.

Basement Design
We jumpstart the process with helpful ideas.


Discover what reclaiming space is all about.
From creating guest rooms and suites to rental
apartments to hobby and recreational features,
we draw ideas, specify details and estimate cost.

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Basement Finishing
We convert unusable areas into new living space.


If you can imagine the joy and utility you'll gain,
then making smart decisions will come easy.
What is your home missing that you'd like to see?
From partitions to trim, it's all in the details.

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Basement Remodeling
We help you to maximize your new investment.


Take your existing basement somewhere new.
For many, remodeling is repurposing space
or adding a new dimension of sophistication.
How about a wine cellar, rental suite and more?

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Basement Design Pros

For detailed diagrams, information
and additional resources to better
explore the whole of the project.
Free, full-spectrum estimates.
Time-tested, guaranteed solutions.
Schedule with a Design Pro

Additional Resources

Be sure to explore the Blog
tab at this website as we
provide helpful information on
a variety of basement finishing
concerns and considerations.
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Services Overview

Basement Design
Jumpstarting the process.
Basement Finishing
Extending the floorplan.
Basement Remodeling
Going in a new direction.

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